David came to see me because he was at a crossroads in his life – he didn’t have a job and was worried that his lack of confidence would hold him back from being successful in an interview situation. As it was, we had two coaching sessions and David was hired by a very popular Designer Retail store!

Guess Where I am?

I am really enjoying my new job!  I’ve been there for two weeks now and it’s been so refreshing. According to a few people I work with they often hire people straight from training.

I’ve been pretty good in regards to keeping my mind at rest and using the strategies you taught me. Now I’m working, I have very little time to care what people could be thinking. Admittedly, I’ve still got some progress to make, but hopefully over the next 6 weeks of working with a load of new people I’ll get much better! I already feel more confident which is excellent.

It’s been rather nice since our sessions, I couldn’t’ imagine what I’d be doing if I hadn’t come to see you!

Thanks again,