When I turned 40 I thought here it is the beginning of my life, I had been though a difficult divorce and was starting to come out of the other side, I was living at home with my 2 children, I had recently started running and had planned to do the great north run and life was pretty good, I was a comfy size 14/16 and happy with my figure, although like every woman I still would have made some changes.

A couple of weeks of living my new 40 life and I notice my fingers were numb this then spread to other parts of my body and I was tired really really tired no matter how many pro plus or cans of red bull I drank I didn’t sprout any wings and climbing the stairs felt like I was climbing a mountain, running had to stop and I was lucky to still be awake at 9pm.

I went to the doctors and after a whole load of blood tests a couple of MRI’s I was told I had multiple sclerosis, after a couple of meetings with a neurologist I was it wasn’t MS but a rare condition called transverse myelitis which showed the same symptoms.

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So my new life now revolved around learning how much energy I could use on each task trying different pain killers and various anti muscle spasm tablets.

After another MRI, a lumber puncture and a second opinion with another neurologist I finally was diagnosed with MS.

In the meantime my relationship with food continued if I wanted it I ate it, I was ‘suffering’ enough why should I punish myself with not eating the food I wanted to. I was a complete chocoholic and didn’t go anywhere without a secret stash of chocolate, I was in the mindset that I was always thinking of where my next meal was coming from and if I’m honest non of the food I ate was remotely healthy, as a direct result of that and not having any energy I piled the weight on and had creeped up to a size 18 and then started buying size 20 just to be comfy…… Honest

Then one day I bought a pair of size 20 trousers and looked properly in the mirror and thought enough was enough.

I had heard about Julie & her work from a friend and had thought about it but being honest the price put me off but then the thought of wearing those trousers and a couple of other friends seeing julie I made the appointment, I’ve never looked back, it was the best thing I have done there isn’t a day goes by where I don’t wonder where the old me went, usually when I’m looking at a piece of chocolate and really have no desire for it, after all these years it’s an odd feeling.

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Julie has taught me to realise that I may not need the wheelchair I had accepted would be my future and that being overweight would actually accelerate the process. I’m hoping as I loose weight some of my MS symptoms will ease, it may not hurt so much to walk as I’m not carrying as much weight, my muscle spasms may ease and yes I’m hoping for a miracle I may just may have a little more energy.

I’m not perfect and now don’t live in a  world of perfect healthy eating, I go out for meals, still have takeaways but just don’t eat as much, never want a dessert and  actually now enjoy a salad especially tomatoes which was unheard of before I started working with Julie.

I’m losing weight at a steady rate, accept this is for life and hope that some of my new attitude to food will run off on my children.

Thanks julie.