First event of the year – January 2017

Thank you all as always to those who attended our first event of the year at The Mill in Stokesley. We were delighted with the turnout and it was great to see so many new people joining us for the first time.

We welcomed David McKnight the new Vibrant Market Town Officer from Hambleton District Council who challenged everyone to try and utilise a local business in the next week, to help us all to benefit from the wonderful local services and businesses we see every day. Challenge accepted? Let us know what you have done!

We are sure David will report back on the differences he sees as he works with all of the market towns in Hambleton. Networking wise, we do think we are getting it right for us in Stokesley, but if you want to see anything done differently, let us know.

We also outlined some of the speakers we have got planned for this coming year, encouraging organisations we feel will benefit in some way all of the businesses who attend our events. If you have any ideas, please do get in touch with us on our email

We will look forward to seeing you all again at our next event on Thursday 16th February, from 5.00pm and of course, if you have any business news you would like to share, please do send it on!


Sue & Anna