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The final day of the Tour de Yorkshire will pass through Stokesley Town centre at around midday. The Parish Council are organising a whole day event to celebrate this, unique to the region. The centre of Town will be closed to traffic after the Tour passes through, with parking for cars (£5) and cycles (free) on the Showfield, a 2 minute walk from the centre.

On The Plain in front of the Town Hall there will be a large screen showing the Tour, keeping people up to date. A range of bands will play all day on a separate stage, and there will be activities such as a climbing wall and ‘make your own smoothy’ bikes.

West Green will have a more relaxed atmosphere, with a chill out marquee featuring solo musicians, a children’s tent with activities, and a large inflatable jungle run’. There will be an outside bar, and a range of food and refreshments available (including ice cream!). Local bars and restaurants are offering a range of special attractions.

The Tour will be televised, including helicopter and aeroplane coverage. Over 5,000 people are expected to attend, including a mixture of local families, visiting relatives, cyclists and cycling fans and visitors from neighbouring towns and villages.

Sponsorship options available

Large screen – 25m2 Showing the race live as it is broadcast between 11am and 6pm

a. Fixed screen surround / banner, logo on programme £2,000

b. Adverts – rolling display of slides with static content throughout breaks / changes. £50 per slide.

Stage – 6 live acts including Snake Davis, international Jazz exponent, all compered by Paul Addison of BBC Radio Tees.

a. Banner and named stage, logo on programme – £2000

West Green

a. Chill out marquee – banners, logo on programme – £300

b. Children’s tent – banners, logo on programme – £250  

Screenshot 2016-03-18 10.48.50 Thanks to Redmayne Bentley for sponsoring this

Programme – A4 DL (tri-fold) double sided – distributed free to all attendees.

a. Sponsor logo on reverse panel – £50

Vertical banners – on lamp posts along the route throughout town

a.   Tourfest brand at top / sponsor name and logo below

(10 banners maximum) – £100

StokesleyTourFilm –  Help us to raise £550 to

make a 4 minute video of Tour De Yorkshire in Stokesley showcasing the town and local businesses.

11 slots of £50 per 15 second clip. Please donate here

If you have any other concepts or items that you would like to sponsor, please get in touch.

Ian Blakemore 07900 995964

Emma Simkins 07740 097387