Welcome to ‘Stokesley Businesses Welcome Pack’

Hambleton District Council’s Business & Economy Team has developed this handy pack for existing and new businesses who operate in the Stokesley area.

The pack will help guide those thinking of relocating their business to our town or those who are starting from scratch!

It is a handy guide featuring not just the contacts of who you need to know to take out licences or permissions in Stokesley and it also provides additional advice on local office rentals and the best way to network in Stokesley (Thirsty Thursday plug!)

Have a look, I’m sure the Council will welcome your feedback, and keep it to hand to pass onto any businesses or entrepreneurs you know who are thinking of moving into the area.

If there is anything you think could be a welcome addition, then let Thirsty Thursday know or contact the Vibrant Market Town team directly.

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Great to see our Town Council also getting involved with this project another valuable resource we have in the town for the businesses.

We hope to see the first of the printed copies at our next event on Thursday 20th June. If you want to snap one up, let me know or please come along to our June event.

Remember all of our sessions are FREE!


PDF Download right here!

Stokesley Welcome Pack ONLINE